Christmas Reflection from Br Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap.

The Reason for the Season is Jesus


Have we forgotten why we celebrate Christmas?   A friend told me she got a card wishing her a very merry Winter Festival!   Could you beat that!  People tell me they have to search

in shops for cards that portray the Nativity.


Light looked down and saw darkness: “I will go there”, said light.

Peace looked down and saw war: “I will go there”, said peace.

Love looked down and saw hatred: “I will go there”, said love.

So he, the Lord of Light, the Prince of Peace, the King of Love

Came down and crept in beside us.”   (Rev John Bell).


Last year, in a radio interview with Marty in the Morning, the renowned soprano Celine Byrne was asked what would she be doing at Christmas.  She would be singing at Mass in her parish as she always did, she said.  Then Marty asked was her religion important to her.   She replied, “the reason of the season is Jesus.”


I like this imaginary story about Jesus as a growing boy.  One of his pals was celebrating his birthday.  All the lads brought little presents but Jesus arrived emptyhanded.  One of them challenged him.  “Jesus, you brought nothing.”  “Oh yes I did”, Jesus replied.  “I can’t see anything.  What did you bring?”

“I can fix it”, Jesus replied.

“What do you mean, I-can-fix-it”?

“In Daddy Joseph’s workshop people bring in all sorts of broken stuff and he is a genius at fixing things.  I have watched him carefully.  So, if any of the toys you bring gets broken, then I can fix it.”

The name, Jesus, which was given by an angel, means the one who saves … the one who can fix the life that is broken.

So, Jesus invites us to come to him with our problems and broken parts.

Come to me with your burdens and I will share the load with you.

Come with your sorrows and I will refresh you with my joy.

Come with your loneliness and I will be your friend.

Come to me with your guilt and I will give you forgiveness.

“The Lord of Light, the Prince of Peace, the King of Love

Came down and crept in beside us”

May you the experience the singing of the angels,

The joy of the shepherds

And the worship of the Magi.

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