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Choosing the Gospel Life

'The Lord has shown me what was mine to do, now may the Lord show you what is yours.' St Francis of Assisi

The Lord Gave Me Brothers

We are called to follow St Francis as 'Brothers of the People'.

Prayer & Contemplation

We are called to be men of prayer and contemplation active in the World.

Justice, Peace & Care for Creation

'Praised be you, my Lord,
through our Sister, Mother Earth,
who sustains us and directs us
bringing forth all kinds of fruits
and coloured flowers and herbs.'

To live the Rule & Life of St Francis of Assisi

As Capuchin Friars we strive to be Disciples of Jesus Christ by following in the footsteps of our founder, St Francis

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Capuchin Franciscans Prayer book

We are the Irish Capuchin Franciscan Friars and we have been ministering in Ireland since 1615. Today we are widely known for our work through our Friaries, in hospitals, hospices and of course through the incredible work of all involved with Brother Kevin Crowley in the Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website !

1930 TO 1977

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