Justice and Peace

76206_708650085836479_1779858208_nThe pursuit of Justice and Peace lie at the heart of Franciscan Spirituality. We pursue these noble aims through Fraternity (Brother and Sisterhood). To recognise the other as Brother and Sister is to recognise God’s presence in them and it stands as a counter cultural sign to a world which seeks division, power and control as its mechanisms. Fraternity calls us to communion, while at the same time, recognising, and respecting the uniqueness of each individual. A concept of Justice and Peace based on Fraternity calls us, as Franciscans, to seek out opportunities for dialogue. It calls us to be living and breathing witnesses to Jesus’ command to, “Love one another…”, as God loves us. How does God love us? He loves, respects, values, cherishes and supports us as we are and invites us into what we may become. This is not an easy call. It is often easier for us to see difference as a threat and to react to this threat in a violent manner. God sees difference as beauty because he created us in this difference while uniting us in His Goodness and Love.

To find out more about the work Franciscans do to promote international justice and peace initiatives, visit our brothers and sisters at Franciscans International