The Integrity of Creation

Saint Francis wrote the beautiful ‘Canticle of Brother Sun’ towards the end of his life. It took a lifetime for Francis, a great Saint, to come to fully realise the intimate connectedness 981728_611494425552046_1670031337_oof all creation. We, as children of the God who created all we see and know, are called to care for this creation. To be good stewards who promote well-being for all of God’s creatures. In a throw-away global culture driven by excess and the need to consume, this message holds particular significance and value. It is a call to live in balance and harmony, a call to live with awareness and sensitivity, a call to speak out in favour of the protection of God’s creation. We are called to live in such a way that we facilitate, promote and support the on-going creativity of the Trinity in our world and in each other.