Congratulations to the New Provincial and Council in the Western American Province

We offer our warmest fraternal congratulations to our brothers in the Western American Province of Our Lady of the Angels. This province was founded by Irish Capuchin Friars over 100 year ago and today is an independent province with some Irish Friars still ministering there.

The following is taken from their Facebook page ((1) Be a Friar – Western Capuchin Vocations | Facebook)

t is with great joy that we announce the appointment on the Feast of Annunciation March 25, 2021 of the new Provincial Minister and Provincial Council of the Western America Province of Our Lady of Angels:
Provincial Minister: Br. Joseph Seraphin Dederick
Provincial Vicar: Br. Hai Minh Ho
2nd Councillor: Br. Christopher Iwancio
3rd Councillor: Br. Tran Vu
4th Councillor: Br. Hung Nguyen
Loving Good Shepherd:
We have known death and you have refreshed our souls.
We have known fear and you have comforted us.
We have known hunger and you have set a feast for us.
In the darkest valley no danger has separated us.
Teach us to walk as you walk –
Beside those in mourning so that they will know joy –
Beside those in fear that they will know comfort –
Beside those in hunger that they will feast until their cup overflows
And so let us strive to help build on earth
what you have promised us in heaven.
In the face of all danger present and yet to come
Let us lead our brothers beside quiet waters –
The quiet waters of the Good Shepherd.


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