Statement from the Provincial of the Irish Capuchin Province (2015)

On behalf of the Irish Province of the Capuchin Franciscan Order, I thank the reviewers of the National Board of the Catholic Church in Ireland for their work in examining the Case Files of those members of the Province against whom allegations of child sexual abuse have been made, and, also, for their assessment of the Child Safeguarding Procedures now in force in the Province.   We are gratified that the reviewers have found that we have met so many of the criteria for compliance with the National Board Child Safeguarding Standards and we assure the Board that we will implement the Recommendations made by the reviewers as soon as possible.

I acknowledge the deep distress experienced by those who have been sexually abused and its often lifelong consequences and I apologise, again, to all who have been so victimised by members of the Province and assure them that we, the Capuchins, will endeavour to provide them with the means of healing they may require.

Furthermore, I, again, invite anyone who has been abused by our members, or by those who work in association with us, to come forward and make themselves known to us.   I undertake that they will be welcomed, treated with understanding and assisted to achieve healing.

I assure the Church, and society at large, that we, the Capuchins, are determined to continue the work of affording safeguarding and protection to all children whom we meet in the course of our ministry and our lives.

Br. Adrian Curran OFM Cap

Provincial Minister

9th September 2015

I invite anyone who may have safeguarding concerns regarding Capuchin friars to contact our Designated Liaison Person, Ms. Mary Tallon, Phone: (089) 6149313. Email: dlpcap@capuchins.ie

Our Child Safeguarding Statement: Child Safeguarding Statement of the Irish Province of the Capuchin Franciscan Order 2021