Happy birthday to us!

3rd July was the day in 1528 when Pope Clement VII approved the Capuchin Franciscan Order with the Papal Bull “Religionis Zelus” (the Zeal of Religion).

Let us pray for the Capuchin Order on this day that the friars may continue to be faithful to the Capuchin charism and continue their witness to Christ according to the pattern of the Most Holy Gospel and the example of St Francis of Assisi, the founding Capuchin friars and those who have continued the Capuchin tradition throughout the almost 500 year history.

As we prepare to begin the Chapter of the Irish Province next week, we ask for your prayerful support.

(Thanks to the Australian Capuchin Friars for the above text. Pictured are Friars from the Irish, Polish, Lithuanian and Slovkian provinces in Art Mhuire Friary & Retreat Centre, Donegal)

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