Liaten to the voice of the Shepherd

This weekend as we celebrate ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’ – we ask you to pray for vocations to our Irish Capuchin Province. We, like all religious orders, depend upon the power of prayer to sustain us and to inspire others to follow the way of St Francis as a Capuchin Friar.

There are men out there today, maybe even reading this post now, who have a vocation to be a Capuchin Friar. We can help with this. We can help support you on those first, often terrifying steps. We can help you find your feet as you find out what the voice of the Good Shepherd is asking of you. There comes a time in all our lives when we need to listen deeply to that voice – maybe for you that time is now.

Contact our Vocation Director, Br Antony by emailing for more information. ‘Listen to him’ (Luke 9:35).

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