Br. Kevin celebrates his 80th birthday!

We rejoice with Br. Kevin who celebrated his 80th Birthday today!

After serving the homeless and poor of Dublin for nearly 30 years through our Capuchin Daycentre in Church St., it was Br. Kevin’s turn to (briefly) sit and be ministered to today as the other friars, the staff and the clients of the Daycentre all wished him a happy birthday!

Everyone enjoyed cake, laughter and even a few bars of “The banks of my own lovely Lee” from our noble brother who though hailing from the rebel county of Cork will, later this week, receive the great honour of the “Freedom of the City of Dublin” in recognition for all his work for the city’s poor. Br. Kevin has said he is only accepting the honour to draw attention to the worsening homeless crisis in Dublin, and indeed around the country as a whole and that he receives the award on behalf of the clients of the Daycentre and the homeless men, women and (sadly) children of Ireland.

After the cake and short celebration it was business as usual in the Daycentre as Br. Kevin and the staff returned to their work of caring for and feeding the hundreds who come here every day… asked on National Radio by none other than the naition’s agony uncle, Joe Duffy how he managed to keep up such a relentless schedule at his age Br. Kevin put it all down to his strong prayer life and deep faith while asking Joe’s listeners to pray for him and for all who work in or attend the centre… please keep all of them, and especially Br. Kevin in your prayers in these difficult days…

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