Capuchin Archival Descriptive Catalogues

We are delighted to announce that  some of our archival catalogues can now be accessed online via the Irish Capuchin Franciscan website and we would like to pay special thanks to our Archivist Dr Brian Kirby for his work on bringing all of this to fruition.

The descriptive catalogues can be accessed on this website as part of the ‘Archives & Heritage’ page.


These descriptive catalogues provide detailed listings of the contents of some of the manuscript collections held in the Irish Capuchin Archives.

The page on the website contains links to the catalogues in downloadable PDF format along with short introductions and some accompanying images. This should facilitate much greater public to access to the archival collection and will have the added benefit of generating more traffic through the Irish Capuchin Franciscan website (particularly if the page is promoted through various social media platforms).

The collections include the correspondence and papers of Capuchin friars detailing their involvement with participants in the struggle for independence including material relating to the 1916 Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War. Other sources relate to seventeenth and eighteenth-century Irish Capuchin friars in France which offer an insight into the singular existence of an Irish émigré community in Early Modern Europe. Other collections include papers relating to Fr. Theobald Mathew (1790-1856), the famed nineteenth century temperance campaigner, and records relating to the history of the Capuchins in Kilkenny dating back to the seventeenth century.

The addition of the catalogues also complements the digitised online Capuchin Annual resource. The catalogues will also be particularly useful for academic (Third-Level) researchers and Leaving Certificate students undertaking project work.

Over the coming months, we will be able to add a few more descriptive catalogues to the page. These will include:

  • Papers relating to the Church of St. Mary of the Angels, Capuchin Friary, Church Street, Dublin
  • Papers relating to Holy Trinity (Father Mathew Memorial) Church, Cork
  • Papers relating to Father Mathew Temperance Halls in Dublin and Cork

These catalogues should be available on the Irish Capuchin Franciscan website by the Autumn.



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