Greetings on the Feast of St Clare

Greetings and blessings on the Feast of St Clare! Clare was an inspirational woman and continues to inspire many today. We send good wishes to the Poor Clare’s and Capuchin Poor Clare’s on their feast day.

This icon of Clare is by Cecilia Lawrence and here’s what the Artist writes about it:

‘This is my icon of St. Clare of Assisi, the great friend of St. Francis and the foundress of the Poor Clares. I have here depicted her wearing the habit of her order, which I have based on her actual habit that is now located in the Basilica of St. Clare in Assisi. She holds a sprig of three lilies, symbolizing purity and virginity, and in front she holds a monstrance containing the Eucharist. This is in reference to a story about her in which she protected her convent from invaders by holding aloft a monstrance upon the battlements. Miraculously, the invaders were terrified by an unseen force and fled, leaving the convent of nuns safe and unharmed.’

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