Visit of Turkish Cultural Group to Church St. Friary

On Thursday we were delighted to welcome to our Church St. friary a group of Turkish Students here in ireland on cultural exchange. They had never visited a Catholic Church before and were interested in learning about the history and spirituality of the Franciscan Way. This continues a long Franciscan tradition of inter Christian/Muslim dialogue and welcome going all the way back to the visit of St. Francis to the Sultan in Syria during his own lifetime.

Br. Bryan, the guardian of the house, was on hand to welcome the group and answer their questions.

Ms. Dee O’Donnell, one of the pastoral team from the College of Surgeons and one of the facilitators of the visit, wrote about it as follows:

“The overwhelming attention to the violence of hijacked religions usually takes precedence in the world’s media and news. But there is always Good News and peaceful activities happening everyday too.Last night I was delighted to bring TIEC’s visitors from Turkey to visit Our Lady of The Angels on Church Street for Interfaith sharing and a Tour by Capuchin Bro Bryan!”