St. Conrad of Parzham: Becoming a saint through the little things

Today we Capuchins keep the feast of a very special spiritual master and saint of our order, Brother Conrad of Parzham.

He was the porter (receptionist) in the friary of Altotting in Germany for nearly all of his life. Answering the door to all those who came for advice, he was sought out for healing herbal remedies and above all for prayer. He was a mystic who spent his nights deep in contemplation and his days in the service of his brothers and sisters, becoming known in the city as the Holy Friar. He passed away in 1894. His life is a wonderful Gospel story of deep inner conversion, joy and peace, while becoming a saint through the faithful observance of the little things… if you would like to know more about him then please go to the following link: The pictures below show the only photo we have of him on his deathbed, holding the crucifix in one hand and the rule of St. Francis in the other.
May St. Conrad pray for us that we may be faithful to the little things of this life…

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